Home of the Silver Classix Crew! We believe dance is the only 100% proven anti-aging solution! The Silver Classix is a dance company for active senior adults. We have a performance team, a class membership program, and a talent booking service.

Our mission is to generate excitement for all ages to get involved in dance, live life to the fullest and improve with age! Several of the members are cancer survivors, some have overcome weight struggles, diabetes, various surgeries, and many others have now discovered dance as physical and mental therapy. They are truly an inspiration to all ages!



The Silver Classix is a monthly membership for active seniors. Members of the Silver Classix will regularly learn high energy/low impact dance routines, using fun, current hip-hop, pop and "old school" music! Best of all, dance with your friends in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Spaces are limited. 


+ Memory

+ Confidence

+ Balance

+ Stamina

+ Flexibility

+ Overall Health

Join us every Sunday from 2-3pm at Crunch Fitness in Chamblee. Sign up today to start your transformation to IMPROVE AT EVERY AGE! 


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The Silver 'Classix Crew' is the ULTIMATE performance team, ages 50+, who are selected each year by audition. This hip-hop dance group has been entertaining the US for almost 10 years, performing frequently at a wide range of events including numerous professional sporting games, tv shows, conventions, festivals, music videos, city parades, and charities. They have competed at Hip Hop International in Las Vegas, they were recently featured on ABC’s primetime show “Dance Battle America" and have also been featured on CNN, and the Wall Street Journal. 


​There is an open annual audition each summer, and the team practices every Sunday to prepare for their performances.



“I have found an overall renewed joy, happiness and confidence and have taken back control of my physical well-being as I am stronger, living with less joint pain and stiffness, more flexible and dancing again on a regular basis is a huge stress management program that works!”

            -DINAH, 67

“Not only is it the opportunity to stay in shape but to be pushed to excel and enjoy the company of other talented dancers.  I cherish the camaraderie and love the feeling of belonging to a family.  I’m grateful that we are current and do not do "old people" dancing. Our director, Leslie Alison is the BOMB!!!”

            -KEIKO, 69

“Membership on SC Crew has actually kept me more youthful. Practicing, dancing, performing, and keeping up with the latest dance moves. In addition to providing a formal alternative to typical gym exercise, it has given me a sense of pride and joy knowing that we are inspirational to other people and all demographics.”

            -WENDY, 56

“Dancing is a gift from God which enables me to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.  Every Sunday, after church, I drive a 160 mile round trip to learn from the best choreographer and dance with the best dance family on the face of the planet.  Dancing keeps me alive and happy!”

            -MARY, 66

“​I never would have imagined myself doing this when I was in college; now we inspire college-aged dancers to keep on dancin'! Hip-hop dancing with this crew has improved my stamina and energy levels by making hard work a lot of fun and motivates me to stay fit and strong. I live a healthier lifestyle with the energy to do anything I want to. None of my friends can keep up with me! Except my friends on the crew, of course.”

            -LAURA, 59

“The Silver Classix did so much for me this past year, but I think what it really helped me with is my confidence. I initially went to the workshop as a challenge to myself to see if I could pick up the combinations.  So many things had happened to me since having a stroke and I didn’t know if I could overcome them. A year later I am a new version of the old me. After not being able to drive for 2 years, driving to rehearsals made me way more confident on the road. I am 25 lbs thinner, my balance is way better and my stamina has immensely improved.”

            -CHRISTINE, 55

“Taking on Leslie's quirky and fun hip hop choreography keeps me challenged in mind and body!  Fall in love with dance and you'll feel good forever!"

            -JANN, 68

“I tribute DANCE to my ability to have a smooth prostate operation, and the speedy recovery. My doctor said that it was because I am  in such great shape. Thank you dancing.”

            -MARK, 66

“I really love being part of such a great group of fierce and talented ladies! I feel honored to dance alongside warriors who have overcome cancer, strokes and personal adversities.  I’m inspired daily as well as challenged mentally and physically and as a result I feel younger and stronger!”

            -KIMBERLY, 54

“I love dancing with the Silver Classix Crew! Dancing brings joy to my soul, challenges me to do my best, improves my emotional, mental, and physical capabilities, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and has given me opportunities to make new friends. It’s encouraging to hear how the audiences react to our performances especially when they realize our ages!”

            -KIM, 55